How it all Started

Heyyy!! I’m Stephanie Josey, owner and instructor of Florals & Flows Yoga! I am a SoKno native from the Scruffy City and I began my practice during college, just a seedling in a package. Post college, I started working with a local parks & rec department and was asked to pick a 'specialty' to teach in the community centers. In 2015, I completed my yoga instructor certification from AAAI/ISMA and started my professional yoga journey, I had officially sprouted. During the Summer of 2018, Florals & Flows was planted. The name transpired after helping a friend with the floral arrangements for her baby shower and I figured branding myself could be a helpful way to keep yogis updated on class schedules and changes. Then my boyfriend and I sat down and really talked about doing the damn thaanngg.. And fortunately, in 2019, I was offered an opportunity that has allowed me the capability to maintain a full time job whilst dedicating time to my practice and focusing energy towards my yoga, my roots are strong, they have expanded, and are grounded.

Alas, 2021, Florals & Flows Yoga continues to bloom!!

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